Chase Enterprise's Mission tasks our corporation in the efforts of combating child abuse, family violence, and sex trafficking of children. At Childabuse.com, we work closely with Ark of Hope providing safe harbourage to children rescued from sex traffickers who have abducted and forced children into prostitution. Our mission is to save each child as they are rescued from the horrors of the sex trade.
Additionally, through increased awareness and education we work to bring an end to abuse of children, men, and women at the hands of others; this is our corporate sponsored community effort- childabuse.com & PreventFamilyViolence.com
Join with us in this long hard fought battle against child abuse here at www.ChildAbuse.com

Safeguarding our children from neighborhood child predators has been the cornerstone of our community service at www.SexOffender.com We offer you a free Sex Offender search in your area, make sure your child is safe!

Family Violence, Violence Against Women Act, and child abuse; the core mandate of Chase Enterprise's fight against family violence. For all those who have stepped up to help us in this fight, we thank you. Read more and take a stand at www.PreventFamilyViolence.com